Morie (indierockspook) wrote,

"Drag Me To Spoilerville"

It's interesting the way some people over on CHUD's messageboards are hell-bent (ha!) on justifying Christine's actions in "Drag Me To Hell." As far as they're concerned, she "Didn't really do anything THAT bad," and she "Didn't deserve to burn in hell because of one bad decision."

Really? "One bad decision?" She put an old lady out on the street! Christine could have extended that loan if she wanted to, but she didn't, because it would have jeopardized her promotion. The whole "It's not her fault" argument doesn't work because she selfishly chooses her career over keeping some gross old gypsy off the streets.

I know it's just a silly (albeit, totally cool) horror movie, but I can't help but wonder if the folks who moan about Christine getting a raw deal are the same ones who think homeless people "brought it on themselves."
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